Mizan Tefari

Mizan Tefari is a remote town surrounded by lush indigenous montane forests.  It is the old capital of the Bench people, although nowadays most visitors come to see the surrounding coffee plantations.

From Mizan Tefari, you can visit Kafa village and Biosphere Reserve.  The Kafa Biosphere Reserve contains the last remaining Ethiopian subtropical moist forests of any size and is a biodiversity hotspot, containing more than 5,000 species of plants.  The forest is managed by community-based committees and is also renowned for its abundance of sustainable non-timber forest products including coffee, forest cardamon, forest pepper and honey.  It contains natural features such as hot springs and waterfalls and is a haven for monkeys and birds, many of which remain undocumented.  You can also visit the Bebeka Coffee Estate, the largest coffee plantation in Ethiopia, covering 6,500 ha, and is home to an interesting variety of bird life.

Map of Mizan Tefari