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Community Tourism

Community-based tourism is a form of sustainable tourism that takes environmental, social and cultural sustainability into account.  It allows tourists to connect closely to the local community and gives visitors an authentic experience while ensuring full involvement of the community in the tourism process.  Community tourism does not only encourage cross-cultural understanding between the host and the visitor but it also enhances the livelihoods of the community and leads to cultural conservation and environmental protection.

Successful community tourism:-

  • Adds value to a community's economy by generating jobs and direct income
  • Raises living standards and quality of life for the community residents
  • Enhances entrepreneurial skills and encourages the involvement of women
  • Promotes the sense of community pride because residents observe tourists appreciating their culture and environment
  • Supports conservation of natural resources and culture

Whilst the tourist:-

  • Experiences authentic local cultural traditions and way of living of the community
  • Learns about the community through interaction with local residents and a local guide
  • Gets a deeper connection to the destination
  • Supports the community’s economy and knows exactly where their money will go

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