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Omo Valley Tribes and Cultures - 7/10/13 Days

This is an extraordinary opportunity to meet some of the more remote ethnic groups of the fascinatingly diverse areas surrounding the Omo River in South West Ethiopia.  You'll learn about the varied ethnic groups who inhabit the region - from the Mursi, renowned for their lip-plates, the Konso famous for their terraced farming to the Hamer famous for their bull jumping coming of age ceremony.

 Responsible Tourism in the Omo Valley

Venture Ethiopia Tours and Travel seeks at all times to promote responsible tourism.  This is especially important in the Omo Valley, where tourism is now a major source of income for many villages.  We only work with recognised local guides, who are approved by village elders, to ensure that the benefits of tourism are fairly distributed throughout the community.  We expect our customers to be respectful of the people they are visiting, their cultures and traditions.  Please also ask the permission of individuals before taking any photographs.  You can read more about our commitments to responsible tourism here.