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Lephis Forest

Tucked away in Ethiopia’s Central Rift Valley, the Lephis Forest is among this region’s most pristine and secluded natural wonders, with breathtaking views, endemic bird and wildlife species, and an impressive natural waterfall.

The Lephis Forest encompasses hills, valleys and glades of unspoiled highland forests bursting with unique flora and fauna. The resident wildlife includes leopards, warthogs, bushbuck, mountain nyala, colobus monkeys, thick-billed ravens, African white backed vultures, and blue-breasted bee-eaters.

More than 2,000 households also call the forest home and rely on its natural resources for their livelihoods. They understand the importance of conservation and wise use of natural resources and are currently seeking ways to use the forest sustainably while preserving it for future generations.

Tours on foot or on horseback offer the perfect opportunity to discover this little-known region, the community, and the idyllic waterfall, which cascades down a lush green cliff face deep in the forest.  All tours are led by a member of the Lephis Ecotourism Cooperative, which ensures that your visit benefits members of the cooperative and their families.  The cooperative also reinvests a percentage of its profits into a community development and conservation fund to help preserve the forest for future generations.

Although this area is best known for its stunning landscapes and endemic wildlife and birds, the handicraft in Lephis is equally eye-catching. The Mishikie Handcraft Association is run by 17 women and 3 men who create baskets, beaded jewellery, and wood and horn carvings.

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